Commons Day and FY Reading

Each year the First-Year Reading committee selects a book of which the entire incoming freshmen class will read. Incoming students will receive the book during orientation and are expected to begin reading over the summer. Select themes of this book will be highlighted through their First-Year Seminar 101 courses and all students are required to participate in a Creative Expressions Assignment

This opportunity will engage incoming students in a common academic experience to analyze, reflect, and respond to a book. In addition, they will have the unique opportunity to meet with the author and hear their perspective regarding their book.

More information about this year's reading is available in the First-Year Reading section.


  • All First-year students are required to attend the Fall Commons Day event in lieu of class during the week of the author's visit to campus. More details will be communication via email and through your 101 instructor.
  • All 101 instructors are requested to assist during the Fall Commons Day during various events that day.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students in the first year class will have a shared experience with their peers
  • Students will be able to correlate experiences from the first year read to examples from their own experiences as they progress through the 101 course and throughout college
  • Students will be able to tie in themes of the First Read Year into their course-work throughout the semester

Connection to eTextbook:

Chapter 1: Stony Brook: History, Colleges, Traditions and Events

Connection to First Year Reading:

For more information about the themes or the book,