UGC Fellows

Every Fall, each Undergraduate College selects a cohort of first year student leaders to serve as College Fellows. Undergraduate College Fellows complete a 1-credit seminar course (ACH, GLS, HDV, ITS, LDS, SSO 275) in the spring semester that prepares them to be effective peer mentors within their college. As part of this course, they are trained to become Teaching Assistants for the FYS 101 course the subsequent Fall. College Fellows will register for an additional 1-credit teaching practicum (ACH, GLS, HDV, ITS, LDS, SSO 276)

In addition, former College Fellows and other student leaders can get permission to register for a 1-credit upper division teaching practicum (ACH, GLS, HDV, ITS, LDS, SSO 475) if they are interested in being a Teaching Assistant for the FYS 101 course.

The following are the general expectations for any First-Year Seminar 101 Teaching Assistant:

  1. Arrive on time and participate in all class sessions.
  2. Communicate regularly with 101 Instructor to plan and reflect on class sessions.
  3. Encourage class participation through active involvement and leadership.
  4. Act as a peer mentor for students.

Teaching Assistant Resources:

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