About ACH

The Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture and Humanities (ACH) seeks to unite first-year students who share a common interest in creative expression and exploration through the use of various media. Common examples of such media have included:

  • drawing
  • photography
  • theatre
  • writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, etc.)
  • singing
  • playing an instrument
  • and a variety of other outlets

Theme-specific programming offered through ACH allows students to think critically about the ways in which art and culture are present in our everyday lives, and how it enriches us; often times without us being fully aware of it. A few examples of past events have included:

  • Broadway trips and follow-up technical workshops
  • Discussion panels on the Academy Awards nomination process
  • Song-writing workshops
  • "Day of the Dead" Cultural Celebration
  • Open-Mic nights
  • Battle of the Bands competition
  • Improv workshops
  • Instrument Master Classes

Because the ACH experience is not strictly academic in nature, involvement is based on an interest in these areas, rather than on one's choice of major. The goal of ACH is to provide a tightly knit community in which first-year students are given the opportunity to further develop and study various forms of creative expression and how they are used to illustrate the differences and similarities among cultures. The college is housed in Tabler Quad and boasts a newly refurbished arts and cultural center including a cafe, performing arts space, practice rooms for musicians, a digital arts lab, and a broadcasting studio.