Time Management

For many students, mastering time management can be a difficult task. With the flexibility of a college schedule while balancing study, employment, familial, and life responsibilities it can be very easy to become overwhelmed and fall off track. Keep these tips in mind while organizing your multiple commitments!

​Where does all the time go?

This time management exercise will assist you in understanding how you are using your time and to consider the different responsibilities you have during the day.

​Keeping Track

These different tools will assist you in keeping track of your schedule. When multiple responsibilities begin to add up, having things written out - in a physical form or electronically - will keep you at ease and ahead of the game!

  1. To-Do Lists: These are great to put together for scheduling one day at a time. Write a to-do list in the morning or the night before and cross things off as you go along. Many cell phones incorporate a notes page or have programs for making to-do lists. Of course, having a piece of paper close by is helpful as well.
  2. Planner: Planners give you the opportunity to view tasks and responsibilities from a weekly perspective. Utilize the Student Success Books provided during Opening Weekend to manage assignments and other responsibilities.
  3. Calendar: Calendars allow you to look at your responsibilities in the bigger picture. Plan for due dates that are months in advance and set deadlines as the final date approaches. With the new Google Apps for Education, your Stony Brook E-Mail account provides you with access to the handy Google Calendar function.

​Time for You

Make sure you are leaving time for anyone’s biggest responsibility: yourself! Leaving an hour of the day (apart from sleep) to simply relax and do an activity which puts you at ease can be the difference in your focus and energy for the demands of the college workload. Find out what works for you!