Battle of the Undergraduate Colleges

Battle of the UGCs

The Battle of the Undergraduate Colleges was created in 2010 and is designed to promote and encourage Stony Brook spirit and Undergraduate College (UGC) pride. Throughout the course of the academic year, there will be a series of events where each UGC will have the opportunity to earn points. The events cover a wide range of categories, including school spirit, community service, athletic and academic teamwork. Points will be awarded to each UGC based on how your team places in each event.

At Opening Weekend you will receive your Undergraduate College t-shirt, in the color of your UGC. Wear it with pride at each of the Battle events to show your Stony Brook Swagger!

The winning Undergraduate College will receive the UGC Cup, which will be presented at their end of year event. The Cup will remain in their UGC Center through the following academic year.

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Points Summary

Title ACH Points GLS Points HDV Points ITS Points LDS Points SSO Points
Gumball Guess 10 30 50 75 20 100
Kickball Tournament 20 30 50 75 10 100
"Wolfie's Walk"/Football Game 50 10 30 75 100 30
SBU Food Drive 50 30 100 20 10 75
Spelling Bee 75 20 50 100 30 10
Spelling Bee Attendance Bonus 0 0 25 0 0 0
'Tis the Season Fundraiser 75 50 20 10 100 30
Women's Volleyball Game (attendance) 20 20 100 75 75 30
101 Course Evaluation Bonus 0 0 25 0 0 0
Basketball Games
College Bowl Attendance Bonus
2015 College Bowl
"Battle Against Cancer" Fundraiser
Volleyball Tournament
Page SUM 0 0 0 0 0 0

Battle Rank

  • HDV1
  • ITS2
  • SSO3
  • LDS4
  • ACH5
  • GLS6

Previous Year's Battle Winners

2014: LDS
2013: LDS
2012: ACH
2011: ACH

Overall scores will be awarded to UGC Teams based on placement at each event. Events that require elmination rounds will use Bracket Scoring to determine UGC placement (1st through 6th place).

Overall scores will be awarded based on the following point system:

1st place 100 points
2nd place 75 points
3rd place 50 points
4th place 30 points
5th place 20 points
6th place 10 points

Each UGC will have the opportunity to earn Bonus Points at certain events throughout the year. Keep a look-out for these opportunities as they can greatly improve your placement!