The 'How I Live' Project

The theme of HDV “Who I Am, What I Do, How I Live” is embedded in HDV Orientation, Opening and through the HDV 101 Project.  At orientation, students focused on “Who They Are”.  Opening weekend let students explore “What They Do” and now in the HDV 101 class students  will examine “How They Live”.  Students will work in groups to complete a an act of service or pay it forward project in the context of a social issue that is important to them.

After completing this project students will be able to:

  • Identify a social issue that is important to them
  • Recognize the impact their project had on the world around them
  • Describe how to actively participate in their community
  • Explain how their act of service helped them learn more about their own and other’s realities
  • Reflect on their experience in aspects of who they are, what they did, and how they live


How I Live Project: An Island in Need