About the College of Information & Technology Studies

The College of Information and Technology Studies is designed for students interested in the growing areas of technology development and information processing and management. The College seeks to infuse students with a sense of wonder as they discover the power of information and technology and consider their own role in shaping the future. It provides an enriched first-year experience by creating a learning community focused on leadership, scholarship, integrity, and creativity. The College is home to the Women in Science & Engineering Program (WISE). For upper division students, the College is home to the Science and Engineering Living Learning Center.

ITS is a very exciting place to begin your undergraduate journey at Stony Brook. Our dedicated team of faculty, staff and students look forward to helping you to examine the interconnections among areas of engineering, computer science, and technology-driven communications. Increasing your passion for the way technological inventions and innovations are planned, constructed and utilized to make our world a better place is at the core of our mission at the University. In addition to that, however, we are most interested in who you are and what you hope to experience during your time at Stony Brook. Questions like "Who are you?"; "How are you constructed?"; and "What will you do to make the world a better place?" are also likely to be asked of you as you embark on this venture with us.

ITS College is a warm and inviting place to be, full of people who can't wait to get you involved and engaged in everything that Stony Brook has to offer…and then watch you grow. We look forward to meeting you!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! As we like to say in ITS: "We made it!"