Environmental Studies

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The Environmental Studies (ENS) Living Learning Center program for students interested in careers in the natural science of the environment. The Environmental Studies Living Learning Center is located in Hendrix College and is affiliated with the Science and Society Undergraduate College.

Kamazima Lwiza, PhD
Faculty Director /Advisor
Email: kamazima.lwiza@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-632-6709

*Note: I usually allocate 30 minutes per student. I request students to email me at least two time slots that they may be able to meet, because my schedule tends to fill up fast.

What is the minor in Environmental Studies?

The minor in Environmental Studies (department code ENS) is based on the idea that understanding the environment requires knowledge from several disciplines, including ecology, climate and weather, and oceanography. You will be exposed to the latest findings in the environmental sciences, and will learn what effects humans are having on the global environment.

For information on the Environmental Studies Minor requirements, click here.


What activities take place in the Environmental Studies Living Learning Center?

You will benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of a Living Learning Center, which breeds cooperation and reciprocity among students with diverse talents and backgrounds. Peer advising, tutoring and college skills training are provided to all Living Learning Center students.

Students in the Environmental Studies Living Learning Center have been involved in:

  • Planning an Earth Day celebration
  • Green Team projects to beautify the campus and community
  • Recycling drives
  • Adopting endangered animals
  • Earth Action Board, a committee of students that supports environmental activities on campus