Global Studies

  • Theme: Global Studies offers freshmen insights into the global interconnectedness of their chosen field of study, of their personal passions and interests and of their actions as citizens.
  • Slogan: GLS Makes a World of Difference
  • Color: Orange


Intellectual and Career Interest

Each Undergraduate College allows students to explore a wide range of interests which will impact their future both within their intended majors and across the academic spectrum.

If you have an intellectual and career interest in …

The GLS Undergraduate College explores…

Arts & Humanities

Global perspectives on literature, music, art, philosophy; understanding cultural traditions, entertainment, and global events.


Business in the global economic network; addressing cultural norms and differences; respecting different people and cultures in business.


Educational practices in other countries; considering social norms, political systems, and regional differences.

Engineering & Technology

Innovation in different countries; communications across boundaries; technologies that address human and environmental problems across the globe.


Impact of globalization on health and illness; responsibilities of health care practitioners; world-wide patterns of illness and epidemics.

Science & Math

Research practices in other countries; global communications and information sharing.

Social Sciences

Cultural norms and differences; social norms; political systems; respect for different peoples and cultures.

Curriculum and Programming

Each Undergraduate College is unified by shared educational curricula (FYS 101 and 102 courses) and programs revolving around the undergraduate college theme. 

GLS 101 Project: Human Rights – For their project, students are challenged to choose 1 human right from the U.N.’s Declaration of Universal Human Rights and create a project such as a video, art display, or presentation, to educate others on that issue.

Some examples of GLS 102 seminars are:

  • Soccer as a Global Sport
  • Global Games
  • Global Water Crisis
  • Understanding Globalization

Some examples of programs you can attend are:

  • Oxfam America Hunger Banquet
  • They Too Shall Remember: A Holocaust Survivor's Story
  • GLS Around the World

Housing and Amenities

Each Undergraduate College is housed in a specific residential quadrangle which boasts a variety of amenities. 

Roosevelt Quad: Global Studies

  • Mostly corridor style buildings: shared bathrooms and study spaces on every floor; each wing is single gender.
  • Suite style living in Yang Hall.
  • Home to the new Center for Global Studies and Human Development with activity spaces, seminar rooms and more.
  • A short walk to the Student Activities Center: the heart of campus.
  • Easy access to the Long Island Railroad (LIRR).
  • Residents may participate in the Living Learning Center for International Studies which offers programming and events with a global perspective.
  • Grassy inner quad area perfect for kicking around a soccer ball or gathering with friends.