Information & Technology Studies

  • Theme: Information and Technology Studies examines the many ways that information and technology affect our lives, and how we can influence the development of future technologies for good.
  • Slogan: We made it!
  • Color: Yellow


Intellectual and Career Interest

Each Undergraduate College allows students to explore a wide range of interests which will impact their future both within their intended majors and across the academic spectrum. 

If you have an intellectual and career interest in …

The ITS Undergraduate College explores…

Arts & Humanities

Diversified primary source material for journalism; tools and technologies for collaborations; applications for producing creative works.


Technologies and information sources for understanding customers, understanding the competition, and marketing products.


Technologies used in the classroom; tools for collaboration and assessment; educational games; distance learning.

Engineering & Technology

Emerging technologies in energy, communications, materials, etc.; algorithms for mining and visualizing "big data"; video game development.


Diagnostic systems, medical records, tele-medicine.

Science & Math

Technologies for collecting scientific data; simulations and modeling; scientific visualization.

Social Sciences

New ways of gathering and consolidating social data; digital collections of primary sources; analytical tools for detecting patterns and trends in large data sets.

Curriculum and Programming

Each Undergraduate College is unified by shared educational curricula (FYS 101 and 102 courses) and programs revolving around the undergraduate college theme. 

ITS 101 Project: The Power of Information – The overarching goals of the project are to have students examine the role of information in their daily lives and to be able to present and discuss different perspectives on the relationships between information technology and society. Students will work in small groups to investigate this year's theme - The Power of Information - and then create short video clips based on their research. 

Some examples of ITS 102 seminars are:

  • Fun with Polymers
  • Studio in Your Pocket
  • Computers Playing Jeopardy
  • Serious Games

Some examples of programs you can attend are:

  • Medical Technology Month
  • So You Want to be a Video Game Designer?
  • Video Project Expo

Housing and Amenities

Each Undergraduate College is housed in a specific residential quadrangle which boasts a variety of amenities.

Mendelsohn Quad: Information and Technology Studies

  • Corridor style buildings: bedrooms are larger than in suites, shared bathrooms and study spaces on every floor; each floor is single gender.
  • Nearest to the Charles B. Wang Center, SB Union, La Valle Stadium, Melville Library and the new Campus Recreation Center
  • Host to the ITS center- a perfect spot to hold study sessions or meetings
  • Large open inner-quad:  Toss around a football with friends or enjoy reading a book on one of the many benches.