Leadership & Service

  • Theme: Leadership and Service encourages students to develop their leadership talents, and encourages them to create, participate and learn from community service opportunities locally and globally.
  • Slogan: The Skills to Lead, The Spirit to Serve
  • Color: Green


Intellectual and Career Interest

Each Undergraduate College allows students to explore a wide range of interests which will impact their future both within their intended majors and across the academic spectrum.

If you have an intellectual and career interest in …

The LDS Undergraduate College explores…

Arts & Humanities

Creating a vision; leading and managing the arts; understanding ethical leadership.


Leadership, corporate social responsibility, organizational governance, ethical behavior, social entrepreneurship.


Leading classes, departments, and school districts; assessing student needs; Promoting civic engagement.

Engineering & Technology

Developing and commercializing new technologies; leading research and development teams; applying engineering to meet human and social needs.


How to collaborate, assess human needs, and address individuals with compassion.

Science & Math

Management of science; interdisciplinary collaboration; the application of basic research to products that improve our lives.

Social Sciences

Understanding social and psychological issues; socio-economic groups and their needs; underlying individual and interpersonal dynamics.

Curriculum and Programming

Each Undergraduate College is unified by shared educational curricula (FYS 101 and 102 courses) and programs revolving around the undergraduate college theme. 

LDS 101 Project: The Leadership Challenge – During the fall semester, through their LDS 101 course, students are given the opportunity to work in cooperative teams on the “Leadership Challenge” project. This assignment challenges students to identify a specific social need (local or global), and work together to devise a solution for this problem.

Some examples of LDS 102 seminars are:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Creating Social Change
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Understanding the Healthcare System and the Opportunities for Leadership within it

Some examples of programs you can attend are:

  • LDS Oxfam America Hunger Banquet
  • Harvest at Hobbes Farm Trip
  • Leadership Summit Field Day

Housing and Amenities

Each Undergraduate College is housed in a specific residential quadrangle which boasts a variety of amenities.

H Quad: Leadership and Service

  • Corridor style buildings: bedrooms are larger than in suites, shared bathrooms and study spaces on every floor; each wing is single gender.
  • Home of the LDS center- the largest activity space on campus.
  • Offers multi-use athletic court in the quad and a short walk to La Valle Stadium, Joe Nathan Field and other athletic facilities.
  • Large open inner-quad – perfect for tossing around a Frisbee or a football.
  • H-Quad offers three large buildings with comfortable lounges, a Residential Computer Center and a Residential Fitness Center.
  • Residents may participate in either the Community Service Living Learning Center or the Leadership Development Living Learning Center, or both!