Ranking an Undergraduate College

In your New Student Preferences Form in the SOLAR System (due May 1), you’ll be asked to rank in order your interest in each UGC. While we’ll do our best to place you into one of your top selections, space in each Undergraduate College is limited. You will be notified of your placement in mid-May. 

Use this website to research and compare the Undergraduate Colleges to help inform your preferences. Factors we encourage you to consider include:

  • Academic Theme: Your placement into a UGC is independent of your major, allowing you to explore a theme in any academic area that interests you.
  • Curriculum: Review each UGC’s list of programming, 102 sample seminar topics, research interests of affiliated faculty, and student research projects from prior years.
  • Academic and Career Interests: Each UGC can provide you with knowledge and transferable skills that will complement any choice of major and career aspiration.
  • Residential life: Each UGC is housed in one of the residential quads which are located throughout the campus. Each quad has a unique set of benefits and amenities.

Roommate preferences are taken into consideration after students are placed into an Undergraduate College.