Science & Society

  • Theme: Science and Society emphasizes the relationships between developments in science, medicine, and technology and the way in which we live.
  • Slogan: Science can change the world.  The world can change science
  • Color: Blue


Intellectual and Career Interest

Each Undergraduate College allows students to explore a wide range of interests which will impact their future both within their intended majors and across the academic spectrum. 

If you have an intellectual and career interest in …

The SSO Undergraduate College explores…

Arts & Humanities

How art, literature, and other creative endeavors often reflect ideas rooted in scientific or social realms, or respond to those ideas.


The path from scientific discovery to commercial application; the impact of social forces on scientific and commercial development.


The scientific method; understanding research; the mutual influence of science and society on global warming, global water crisis, GMOs, reproductive technologies, etc.

Engineering & Technology

How advances in scientific knowledge can change behavior, social mores, and capabilities; cultural, social, and political pressures.


The impact of scientific study and societal acceptance on the practice of medicine; controversial topics such as abortion, stem cell treatments, reproductive technologies, etc.

Science & Math

How advances in technology can change behavior, social mores, and capabilities; cultural, social, and political pressures.

Social Sciences

The scientific understanding of behavior of individuals and groups; fostering improvements in all aspects of society.


Curriculum and Programming

Each Undergraduate College is unified by shared educational curricula (FYS 101 and 102 courses) and programs revolving around the undergraduate college theme. 

SSO 101 Project: The Ethics Challenge – Students work in groups to tackle a contemporary issue in science and ethics from the list provided in the assignment sheet. Topics range from the ethics of physician-assisted suicide to whether it is appropriate to clone a beloved pet. Each group will present various sides of the issue in a brief presentation to the class, and each student will individually submit a reflection paper discussing their own personal, informed perspective on the issue.

Some examples of SSO 102 seminars are:

  • Making Sense of Science in the News
  • The Global Water Crisis
  • Chemistry of Cooking
  • Music and Science

Some examples of programs you can attend are:

  • Neuroenhancement, Mind Reading, and Other Topics in Neuroethics
  • The Science of Cannabinoids
  • The Cold Truth about Global Warming

Housing and Amenities

Each Undergraduate College is housed in a specific residential quadrangle which boasts a variety of amenities.

Roth Quad: Science and Society

  • Suite-style living, which typically offers 3 shared bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom shared by 6 or 7 students of the same gender.  All suites are air-conditioned.
  • Close to the Academic Mall, Computer Science Center, Engineering Quad and the Student Activities Center.
  • Boasts picturesque Roth Pond, which hosts the annual Roth Pond Regatta.
  • Home of the SSO Center and host of many Science and Society UGC events.
  • Location of the Roth Food Court, a great place to grab a meal late night.
  • Residents may participate in the Environmental Studies Living Learning Center!