Orientation and Opening Weekend


Our goal is to provide you with information about Stony Brook University, as well as a general feel for the campus community. Orientation gives you a closer look at what life is like for a student. When you come to Orientation, not only will you have the opportunity to meet new and current students you also start making connections to all of the exciting resources Stony Brook has to offer. At orientation you will meet your UGC team, which consists of your Undergraduate College Advisor (who will assist you with course planning, major/minor information, adjustment issues and a variety of other things); your Faculty Director (who will be able to provide you with vital information on academics here at Stony Brook); and your Quad Director (who will assist you with any questions, concerns or issues regarding your housing on-campus and is an expert on student development). When you leave orientation, you will have the tools in place to help you succeed as a SEAWOLF! 

Link to Orientation Folders: http://ucolleges.stonybrook.edu/orientationfolder

Experience Stony Brook (Orientation part II)

The final part of your Orientation as a new student at Stony Brook University takes place the weekend before classes start during what is called “Opening Weekend.” The first day of this weekend is hosted by your Undergraduate College. During this day you will participate in a variety of activities related to your College’s unique theme. You will have the opportunity to meet the other students in your UGC, as well as your College Team who will be there to assist you with the transition to college life during your first year. The second day of Opening Weekend, students will attend a one day crash course in SBU policies and procedures that all students need to be familiar with prior to starting their college career here. By the time this weekend is over, you will feel a deeper connection to your UGC and feel more confident in knowing what is expected of you as a new Stony Brook student.

For more information, please see the Orientation and Family Programs website.

Link to Orientation Folders: http://ucolleges.stonybrook.edu/orientationfolder