About the College of Science & Society

Welcome to Stony Brook University's College of Science and Society. We are here to help you have an exciting and successful first year at Stony Brook with a complete program of fun, personal advising, and an introduction into the exciting areas of study that connect Science to Society. During your first year we intend to give you the advice you need to plan your future academic program at Stony Brook while getting you excited about developing into a successful productive scholar.

At the core of our program is a dedicated staff of Faculty, Academic Advisors and Student Affairs Educators including Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) who will give you the opportunities you need to learn about the University and get involved, through a one-year program of small classes and seminars. In the Fall, you will take SSO 101, a 1-credit course designed to introduce you to the operation of the university, give you a chance to get one-on-one help with advice about your academic program, and expose you to our most exciting faculty, through “Hot Topics” lectures on current important issues in science and society and important career advice. In the Spring you will participate in a Freshman Seminar (SSO 102), where you can choose among several exciting topics chosen by our faculty to get you engaged in science.

Along with this formal program comes an informal array of events and activities, including field trips, barbecues, dinners, laboratory visits and whatever special activities we all can dream up. This year a student idea resulted in the collection of items for a time capsule that will be put together this spring and buried for some future class to dig up (if they can find it!). This spring we will take a number of trips and a cruise on the University's R.V. Sea Wolf and a trip to Brookhaven's nanotechnology facility is anticipated.

The College of Science and Society emphasizes imagination, research, and discovery in a social context. You will explore the power of creativity to transform the modern environment in which we live. You will be given opportunities to visit laboratories at Stony Brook and elsewhere where cutting-edge research is being carried out. The College of Science and Society focuses on developing a well-rounded student who is intellectually prepared to meet the challenges of today's complex and changing world. The College is also home to the Living learning Center for Environmental Studies.