Anastasia Zannettis

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Associate Director of the Undergraduate Colleges

Stacey was born and raised in New York City and made her trek out to Stony Brook as a freshman in the fall of 1999. She has spent the last few years at the university graduating with both her BA in Sociology (2003) and her Masters in Social Work (2006). Stacey first found her love of undergraduate education as a student herself when she was involved in founding "School of Thought" (a club dedicated to innovative change and the betterment of the environment) and being the treasurer in the Social Justice Alliance. She also spent a summer studying in Italy and greatly recommends that experience to all students. As a graduate student she worked in the Office of Commuter Student Services where she thoroughly enjoyed her work and the enthusiasm of her coworkers. Stacey is now the Associate Director after spending many years as an advisor. She is excited to be at working at a place where she has spent so many of her formative years and had such great experiences. She hopes that her students have as great a time here as she did.