Deborah Firestone

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Human Development
Faculty Director

Deborah Firestone is Associate Dean of the School of Health Technology and Management and has a faculty appointment in the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. She was employed as a medical technologist in the transfusion service at Crawford W. Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and The Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan before accepting a faculty position in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department at Stony Brook University. She received her Ed.D. from St. John's University and her research and writing are in immunohematology and leadership.

She views her position as the new Faculty Director of the College of Human Development (HDV) as an opportunity to involve students in a variety of learning experiences devoted to exploring the physical, social and cultural aspects of What It Means to be Human. It is her hope that the range of experiences provided to students in the College of Human Development will provide a window through which each student can look at the different components that comprise humanity and begin to develop their own personal vision of What It Means to be Human.