Lori Scarlatos

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Information Technology Studies
Faculty Director

Lori Scarlatos is an Associate Professor in the Department of Technology and Society, and affiliated with the Department of Computer Science. She has a BFA in Fine Art, and an MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science. With the MS, she worked in industry for 10 years on applications for cartographic and image analysis (as a senior programmer at Grumman) and animated PC games (as programmer, then vice president). After earning her Ph.D. from Stony Brook University, she taught at Hampshire College and Brooklyn College before returning to Stony Brook as a faculty member. She has done research in computer graphics and computer-human interaction that has been supported by several grants and contracts. She is also committed to broadening participation in computing, and has led outreach programs and summer camps for under-represented students in middle school, high school, and undergraduate college. As Faculty Director for the Information and Technology Studies (ITS) College, her emphasis is on studying information and technology's social and scientific issues, learning to use Information and Technology to our advantage... and even helping to guide Information and Technology’s development for the future.