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Elections: Your Adventure in Politics

  • an excellent game-based, informational site developed by CNN, the History Channel, C-SPAN, and Cable in the Classroom.

President for a Day

  • lists the role of President in a typical “job posting” format, allowing students to see the job description, salary, qualifications, and even give them the opportunity to apply for the job.

All About Electing a President of the United States

  • a “Presidential Election Process for Dummies” format detailing the United States’ election process. 

270 to Win

  • a more detailed link, providing information on how electoral votes are determined, the number of electoral votes needed to secure a Presidential win, and how many electoral votes each State possesses. It also contains this information for past Presidential elections, illustrating how each State voted. 

The Voting Machines of America

  • developed by Time Magazine, and provides detailed information on the different types of voting machines used in the United States, and walks you through how to use each kind. 

I Side With

  • a website that quizzes users to see which candidate they side with most based on their answers to questions on hot-topic issues. 

ace: The Electoral College Network

Voting Registration and Election Canned Bulletin Board

Stony Brook NAACP Youth and College Chapter Video for the "This is My Vote" Campaign

  • The "This is My Vote" Campaign is a national initiative being spearheaded by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to encourage citizens to take control of their rights and make it out to the polls to vote.

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