Content Areas

All FYS 101 courses discuss the same basic information throughout the fall semester. Weekly lesson topics will three content categories: Prescribed (***), Essential (**), and Needs-Based (*). For detailed lesson plans, please click the specific links below within each topic area.

Prescribed Content ***

Lesson topics in this category are required and prescheduled for specific weeks during the semester as indicated in your course syllabus. Although some of these lessons might be taught by an outside presenter, instructors are required to attend.
Introduction Seminar Goals and Assignments; Icebreakers, Team-Builders
UGC Weeks (2) UGC Teams provide schedule and curriculum for 101 Project
Prevention and Outreach Lesson taught by Center for Prevention and Outreach staff
UGC Commons Day 
& FY Reading
Students attend an event with the author of the FY Reading book
Academic Advising Advising and scheduling prep facilitated by UGC Advisors
Academic Planning
& Career Exploration
Major/Future planning and University Degree Requirements

Essential Content **

Lesson topics in this category are required while activities, instructional method, and schedule within syllabus are determined by individual instructor.
Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures of Academic Dishonesty and Judiciary Process
Academic Success Study Skills, Note-taking, Time Management, Academic Resources
Communication and Civility  How to effectively Communicate in a Professional Setting
Diversity and Civility Importance of Creating and Living in a Community of Respect

Needs-Based Content *

Lesson topics in this category are recommended but not required. Topics are intended to be taught based on individual class needs. Activities, instructional method, and scheduling within syllabus are determined by individual instructor.
Campus Culture Leadership & Involvement, Campus Resources, Using the Library
Health and Wellness Healthy Relationships, Safer Sex, Stress Management, Nutrition & Exercise, Dimensions of Wellness
Professional Skills Financial Literacy, Career Development