Kickball Tournament

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 5:00pm
Campus Recreation Outdoor Field Complex - Softball Fields (Across from the Train Station)

Location in Map : Softball Fields

Registration link will be up shortly!

Compete in a traditional style Kickball Tournament.  Each game will be played for 4 innings.

  • Each Undergraduate College team will consist of a minimum of 12 players

  • A game is 4 innings.

  • Umpires will toss a coin to determine the home team

  • No stealing bases!  An umpire will call a runner out if they leave the base early.

  • Each team will supply a pitcher who will pitch to his\her own team.

  • Each kicker gets 3 pitches to kick.

  • Substitutions can be made after each inning.

The umpires are in complete charge of the game.  Abusive language or conduct will not be tolerated. No warnings will be made.  An umpire is instructed to eject any player who demonstrates abusive language or behavior from the game.

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