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Undergraduate College Fellows

The Undergraduate Colleges provide an opportunity for motivated emerging leaders to become Undergraduate College Fellows and serve as peer mentors in their in their sophomore year. Upon acceptance into the program, prospective Fellows enroll in the Undergraduate College Fellows Seminar during the spring semester of their freshman year. Following completion of the seminar, students are fully recognized as Undergraduate College Fellows and participate in welcoming the next class of freshman students at Orientation, Opening, and in the First-Year Seminars. Fellows serve as Teaching Assistants for the Freshman Seminar 101 and are required to register for a Fall Teaching Practicum.

Why become an Undergraduate College Fellow?

  • Be a member of an exciting leadership opportunity on campus
  • Represent the student perspective in your Undergraduate College
  • Work in a small community with other active students
  • Work closely with faculty and staff to plan events in your Undergraduate College
  • Become a mentor for next year’s incoming first-year students
  • Receive training in teaching and learning concepts to become a Teaching Assistant for FYS 101 and FYS 102 courses
  • Earn Stony Brook course credit for participating in the program

Interest Meetings

Thursday, October 13th @ 7:00pm — SSO Center Lounge 
Wednesday, October 26th @ 1:00pm — LDS Center 
Wednesday, November 2nd @ 1:00pm — GLS/HDV Center 
Monday, November 7th @ 5:00pm — Tabler Center Blackbox


The fellows program has been instrumental to my collegiate career. It has helped me to feel like I was part of something small. You are probably surprised to hear me say small. It seems in life we strive to be part of something bigger than ourselves, but I think finding ourselves part of a smaller community can be even more of an enriching experience. The College Fellows program was a way for me to be interconnected with the smaller community of my Undergraduate College of Global Studies and the even smaller community made up of my Undergraduate College Fellows class and the GLS team.

–James Olszlewski, GLS Fellow