Commitment to End Bullying and Homophobia

The Stony Brook StandUp Charter was founded on-campus in Fall 2011 to raise awareness about the long-term damaging effects of bullying and homophobia. The Charter was formed to highlight the work of the StandUp Foundation, created by former English Rugby superstar Ben Cohen. Cohen started the foundation in response to the death of his father, who was killed while intervening on behalf of an employee who was being harassed for his sexual orientation. Cohen left the sport at the peak of his career to focus his efforts on bringing an end to bullying and homophobia.

The StandUp Charter's goal is to get every member of the community to sign its "Commitment to End Bullying and Homophobia" pledge and show that Stony Brook is and will always be a "bully-free zone." During the next academic year the group will focus on bystander-intervention training and planning visits to local elementary and middle schools to show children that bullying is never okay. The StandUp Charter will meet every other Monday at 8:30P.M. in the Student Activities Center, Room 304. For information on getting involved, please contact

We need people from all over the globe to stand up with us against the bullies and to bring a greater understanding as to why bullying occurs.

By bringing people together in schools, colleges and groups to concentrate their focus on how they can 'do their bit', we can literally save lives.

Bullying must no longer be tolerated, wherever and to whomever it happens.

By signing this, we agree to abide by, and promote, the Mission of the StandUp Foundation. Specifically, to:

  • Promote the inclusion, acceptance and celebration of all people
  • Stand up for acceptance so that bullying has to stand down
  • Create spaces where people can stand up freely
  • Stand up next to those who stand alone
  • Educate ourselves about other peoples’ differences
  • Stand up against ignorance within education
  • Transform the conditions that allow bullying to exist
  • Help put an end to the cyber-bullying of LGBT populations in our generation


More information on Ben Cohen's StandUp Foundation.

StandUp Meetings
Every Wednesday
SAC 311
All are welcome


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